Fund your rise to fame

Cash advances for rockstar content creators

We started from the bottom...

We all have to start from somewhere,

but the beginning is always a little bit rocky. As a rockstar content creator, maybe you already know how it is when you first start out...

  • Janky equipment
  • Poor editing
  • Small scale production

Built with the OnlyFans creator in mind, don’t let your lack of funds stop you from making the content that was meant to make you a star

Get the funds you need to skyrocket your platform

  • No more compromising
  • No more waiting
  • No more tradeoffs

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a cash advance?

A cash advance is a short-term microloan that can be used to purchase new equipment such as microphones, laptops, and cameras.

Who do we partner with?

We partner with rockstar OnlyFan creators!

Why offer cash advances to OnlyFans creators?

We recognized that OnlyFans was an underserved market often overlooked by traditional lending institutions. We believe everyone deserves equal business opportunities.

How is a cash advance different from a loan?

While both offer the upfront capital needed to handle immediate expenses, the difference between the two is how they’re paid back. Loans are generally paid back with set terms and payments over a prearranged period, whereas cash advances are paid back directly from your future earnings.

How much can you receive?

You can borrow as much as $2,500.

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